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Difficulty: Medium Sunday, February 12, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, February 12, 2017

12:10 am

somewhat easy for a medium - but that's me being judgmental again.
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1:04 pm

Some of the discussion here is based on a flawed premise. White privilege is not a job and home delivered on a silver platter. Instead, white privilege is where you aren't stopped by the police for having a trivial infraction that you weren't aware of. White privilege is getting books in a public school that are no more than five years old. White privilege is getting a return call when applying for a job and being granted an interview. White privilege is being able to walk on the sidewalk without scaring others due to the color of your skin. In other words, white privilege is something that means avoiding nasty results without even being aware that it happened. Viewed from a minority perspective, being shot by police in situations where non-minorities would not be shot is clear and painfully extreme evidence of white privilege. It is why black lives matter. It is why religious minorities, LGBTQ folks, and others who don't enjoy white privilege are fearful of the US administration's moves to limit public accommodations. Equal opportunity is a worthy goal; one that we have not yet achieved.
1:52 pm

but when Black Lives Matter and white ones do not?
1:53 pm

People black and white need to move on-- we are all one people under God
3:08 pm

Well said Penguin.
3:13 pm

move on where ellenz? Move on to Oligarchy and Plantation economics? Shut up, quit complaining? Let the 1% enjoy all the prosperity and not "trickle" it down on the rest of us? But actually you are right ellenz. But I put your sentiment this way. Don't mourn, Organize!! I am encouraged by the attendance at Town Hall meetings. Thank You for showing the way Tea Party. Now we will see what the true Grass Roots believe in.
4:03 pm

A nice virtual. 20.
4:34 pm

ellenz: Stating that black lives matter does NOT imply that white lives don't matter. There is a clear perception in minority communities that police are free to shoot and kill blacks and some other minorities with impunity. If black lives don't matter then it demeans the value of white lives as well; we are all less human.
7:20 pm

Standing up for the oppressed does not take away anything from anyone. White supremacists, the KKK, Nazis, etc.. will use fear of losing something to keep others oppressed. That is why I call Trickle Down economics, Plantation Economics. The fear of giving out 'hand outs' to the poor or disadvantage is used to give bigger and bigger tax cuts to the corporations. Why can't those of you who espouse and defend this insanity see it? Or do you see it and understand the evil that you are doing?
7:22 pm

More and more of the wealth that is created by the people in this country is being sucked up to the top by immoral tax policy. This policy is being put in place by the lie that the top is more deserving of the largesse since they put so much at risk.
7:23 pm

"Labor creates all wealth."
7:27 pm

All the top puts at risk is money. We do the work. We bear the burden of rising property taxes do to the top not paying their fair share. Privatization of public commons which we have to pay for. TANSTAAFL. Privatization has never saved a taxpayer a dime. It just adds another level of parasite to be paid off of our tax dollars.
7:28 pm

Unregulated Capitalism is Oligarchy at best and Fascism at worst. Wake up.
8:41 pm

tuco: The system you discuss has often been embraced by both Republicrats and Democans (or something like that). The 2008 economic crisis came from policies that privatized profits and socialized losses (corporate welfare). Further deregulation might make sense in some limited areas, but certainly not as a cut 2 for each new 1 blanket policy which sounds appealing until the details emerge. This is like freezing government hiring and without first seeing how it affects military veterans in need of medical services.
8:43 pm

And the idea of work harder to climb up sounds good. That is until you see what really happened over the last sixty years or so to wages compared with productivity,\nthe-historic-divergence-between-productivity-\nand-a-typical-workers-pay-why-it-matters-and-\nwhy-its-real/ (remove the /n symbols when pasting it into your browser). But the top 1% saw their income grow even more than the productivity grew. Something is out of balance.
8:44 pm

Er, sorry. My parenthetical note should have indicated to remove the \n symbols, not forward slashes.
11:11 pm

The big lie Penguin is that deregulation and privatization save the taxpayers money. Privatization of services traditionally performed by local, state, and federal governments introduces a profit motive that has to be addressed thereby raising the cost to the taxpayer. Deregulation just increases the profits of the corporations and when the deregulation results in less competition, unsafe conditions, pollution, etc... the tax payer ends up paying in cleanup costs, medical costs or higher prices due to less competition.