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Difficulty: Expert Sunday, April 23, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, April 23, 2017

12:20 am

Done. 1 guess.
12:25 am

Done, one lucky guess
2:27 am

2:43 am

ding, first guess
4:07 am

Done no guesses
5:26 am

11:40 am

7:48 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. Hard fight. There was an either-way-mark-it-down. 36.
10:54 pm

tuco, I agree with some of your recent comments about science. Science does revolve around searching for truth, and scientific method does include formulating and testing hypotheses. However, scientific method never "turns a hypothetical into a fact," because we can never prove a hypothesis to be an immutable, unquestionable truth. Nor should we try, because scientific method is a never-ending quest for greater certainty and deeper understanding. Overturning hypotheses that are currently widely accepted as facts is an essential component of the advancement of science. Your labeling this process propaganda suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific method.
10:54 pm

It is unfortunate that in popular parlance the word "fact" is commonly used to describe an unrivaled hypothesis which is consistent with available evidence. For example, it is frequently proclaimed as a fact that light travels in a straight line unless it is subjected to reflection or refraction. However, it was never a fact, just the best hypothesis we could come up with. Eventually that so-called fact was challenged by Einstein's general theory of relativity and subsequently demonstrated to be a fallacy by direct observations of the bending of light from stars as it passed by the Sun. The first such observations were made in 1919 during a total eclipse of the Sun.