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Difficulty: Medium Saturday, September 23, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, September 23, 2017

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6:02 am

Can anyone send me the java script. For some reason mine is no longer working
6:23 am

Marc, look at DrWho's profile. He has links, including a link to java scripts.
6:24 am

did you try mine?
6:27 am

Ho can anyone have respect for Trump when he behaves more like a teenage bully than a President.
6:30 am

Telling NFL clubs too sack players for a peaceful protest, and worse still telling fans to boycott the games reducing revenue to the clubs that spent millions supporting him. Worse still, bemoaning the fact that players aren't hitting each other as hard as before because the clubs are trying to reduce brain injuries, Disgraceful.
6:32 am

Reduced to slanging matches with another countries leader in public, with the rest of the world's leaders shaking their heads in disbelief.
6:35 am

You may not have all agreed on Obamas policies, but he was a true statesman. Why on earth are you incapable of finding some decent, civilised, honest people for parties to rally behind. Are you as US citizens not sick to the back teeth of your politicians?
6:40 am

Marc, I'm not able to make yours work. It's far longer than the one I use, and when you cut & paste in this chat area, it inserts unusable codes (which I removed). I suggest you dump it and go to DrWho's site.
6:42 am

Phil, welcome back. Please know that millions of us are very, very distressed with the state of the US. It's frightening that an ignorant, classless bully is president; it's more distressing that people support him.
8:08 am

Diane, rest assured that the rest of the world shares your disbelief.
9:35 am

0bama was anything but a statesman--I lived in Illinois and I know what he voted for there when he was a senator and what he did and did not do--yes, he sounded great but will go down in history as the worst president we have had-Yes, Trump is different but MAYBE different is what we need.
11:45 am

12:07 pm

What was our alternative? Can you imagine having a president who, after her defeat, had a breakdown
12:42 pm

What choice did we have? Look at what happened when Hilary lost the election. She went into seclusion and who knows what else. Is that presidential material? What about all the criminal activities she has been accused of? She was the typical power hungry politician. As an American citizen I was tired of that political mindset and voted for Trump to force a change. He is certain apolitical and speaks his mind, which can be embarrassing, but is refreshing. There must be some good people out there who are honest, business people, who will put America first and will run for the office. Where are they? Are they hidden because they don't fit the party mold?
1:16 pm

Thank you Phil & the rest of the world. It's actually true, the majority of Americans are not STUPID, by about 3 million. It's way past time to eliminate the electoral college, it no longer serves the purpose it was meant to serve.
1:29 pm

At last we have a leader of the free world who speaks bluntly enough that China is forced to stop funding countries that have rogue regimes or foster terrorism. A true statesman knows how to get results, others just dazzle with fancy talk and weak actions.
1:41 pm

Yes, he sure speaks bluntly - enough to alienate our long standing allies: Canada, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, France, Yemen . . . That's just working out swell, isn't it?
2:54 pm

Done ... Just finished today's medium ... Having done the rest of them, I should be Elite by tomorrow ... FEELING GOOD !!!
3:39 pm

3:45 pm

This is probably something only I would do, but I had a problem with my java script a few days ago. After a few minutes of sheer frustration, I noticed that the F12 scrreen was pinted to Elements instead of Console. When i changed it back to Console, it worked!
3:46 pm

Yes I do know there is only one 'r' in screen...
3:48 pm

And I just found two more typos. I am hanging my head in shame.
3:53 pm

We have had president after presidents that speak wonderful and soo politically correct-- and where did that get us? Give him a break and give him some time before you hand him!!!
3:54 pm

oops hang him
5:08 pm

Marc, as Diane pointed out, my website has a link you can cut and paste into your bookmarks. It just does the little green numbers to indicate the possibilities. Your red/green script cross-hatches the 3x3 blocks and indicates potential solutions in red. If there is some interest I could add a link on my website with a red/green script that you can cut and paste into your bookmarks.
8:33 pm

TallMike - Get out a bit, make friends with people who live overseas - you will find he has insulted each group at some speech or other. There is a skill to diplomacy - he doesn't have it. He's instigating the break-up of the EU, this would be horrible for the world. We should be coming together, not breaking apart.
9:34 pm

Thanks to all who mentioned the existence of a javascript snippet that places all the "greens" into the grid. I used it today and it made solving considerably easier! I learned only about 2 weeks or so ago about the existence of "greens" (previous to that I played all games just using my brain, but with a little practice, I found inserting "greens" by hand to be very helpful. For the Expert puzzles, I found it very tedious to populate the board correctly with "greens", hence my contentment at discovering the javascript that accomplished this task. The only change now for me will be playing inside a browser window on the Iron Sudoku site as opposed to playing inside "Babble Expert". Thank you all again !
10:00 pm

JudyHall, if you find manual greens to be tedious when solving an Expert, you may be unaware of the inherent vulnerability of almost all Experts to aggressive cross hatching.
You might want to experiment with seeing how far you can get with cross hatching before dropping in greens. Practicing that for a while changed my whole understanding of the process of solving puzzles of any level.
10:15 pm

I think I've used cross hatching to solve all the Sudoku puzzles prior to learning about "greens", i.e., the "pencil in" approach, and I actually prefer the "use only my brain" approach, but some days I just don't have the requisite amount of patience (chuckle).
10:58 pm

helenkeller, our allies have not been alienated by President Trump, they have merely been shaken up a bit. That is a good and necessary thing in order to signal an intentional, firm move towards rational, clear U.S. foreign policy after so many years of pandering, preening, incompetence and corruption. If you think our allies are dismayed that we finally have a strong leader, you should re-watch the president's recent address to the UN General Assembly and take note of the consistent, enthusiastic applause.
11:21 pm

helenkeller, your claim that our president is responsible for the growing political instability of the EU is a hollow argument. The potential break-up of the EU has been a hot potato for decades, ever since the former European Common Market transformed itself into a power grabbing, expanding, self-promoting equivalent of a federal government. The peoples of almost all the EU countries, except Germany and Belgium, view the top-heavy EU government with hostility and suspicion because the EU bears not the slightest resemblance to a democracy.
11:22 pm

The EU can and does impose arbitrary regulations which at their worst destroy entire regional industries, and the individual countries and their people have no recourse. The EU government also imposes a single monetary policy on most of the EU countries, except the UK, through the common currency of the euro, thereby undermining the countries with weaker economies and boosting even further those with already strong economies.
11:29 pm

11:38 pm

I think you have totally misjudged the way the rest of the world sees Trump, he is seen as a mysogynictic schoolyard bully who although clearly intelligent, lacks any sort of diplomatic negotiating skills and thinks that if the US doesn't get its own way it can simply pull out of a deal leaving a far worse scenario. It is quite bizarre that China and Russia have both handled the North Korean situation in a more rational and sensible diplomatic way. The most likely solution will come from their backroom diplomacy and the more Trump beats his chest, the more likely the North Koreans will launch a missile at South Korea or Japan.