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Difficulty: Easy Saturday, November 11, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Ionibelle, I did say you cannot buy machine guns manufactured after 1984, but you can buy them if they were manufactured before 1984. So I'm not sure what was not quite right about my comment.
10:45 am

oh not you, 1hammer's comment, "well good, they're already banned" was inaccurate.
10:47 am

Okay, perhaps laws were changed in Texas and probably some other states too, but I'm not aware of any Federal laws. So yes, I would favor changing state laws that make it harder to institutionalize the mentally ill.

I'll say it again, the problem is people not guns. Focus on the people. If we follow Tuco's logic to its extreme, we should have been discussing banning rental trucks after the New York terrorist attack.
10:54 am

ok good, I think many people would agree with you; but I think it might be difficult. I also think nearly any idea, taken to the extreme can become absurd. That doesn't necessarily invalidate the idea. In New York, no one seems willing to say that maybe the city should have invested in posts that make it impossible for vehicles to get on the cycling path; even though it had been proposed. They are common in Europe to protect pedestrians, and are often removable to accommodate maintenance, etc.
10:55 am

Perhaps banning guns is an extreme idea too.
10:58 am

I agree with you.
10:59 am

though I hasten to add, I am okay with banning certain types of weaponry.
11:09 am

Like the AR-15? What features does it have that are not shared by the guns you would not ban?
11:17 am

DING. I missed an easy crosshatch, so the way I solved it had a pretty tough move I'd call Medium. Easy otherwise. 16.
11:27 am

I don't think weapons intended for combat are appropriate. So semi-automatic and automatic rifles and handguns, and large capacity magazines. I would not ban handguns, shotguns, or rifles. I would ban kits that upgrade weapons, mail order weapons and ammo, silencers and probably a few things I'm forgetting. However, given that that is unlikely at the moment; I would like to see liability restored for people who store guns unsafely, gun registries so we can follow the guns, gun safety technology widely adopted, buy back programs, and permanent serial numbers. Any of those sound reasonable to you?
1:01 pm

What about gun shows, fairs where you can buy a gun?
1:51 pm

as long as there are background checks. properly done.
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Enjoying the respectful debate here, it will ultimately be through changing public opinion that governments will change and enact laws, just takes them far too long to get there, and really, as leaders, they should be leading the debate and making the important decisions they are paid to do.