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Difficulty: Easy Saturday, December 23, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, December 23, 2017

12:15 am
JeffysMom, ng.
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7:25 am

Mr. O: the supposedly impartial investigators spent money on politics. Of course everyone has a political opinion. But we should be looking for people who are not invested in it the way the Mueller team is.
7:57 am

B.T.W. 9 of 16 may be approximately 50%, but 0 of 16 contributed to Trump and 1 of 16 contributed to the Republicans. So you don't have a strong case for saying the Mueller team reflects America.
8:05 am

So we know the bias of 10 investigators, its 9 Democrats to 1 Republican. The make up of the other 6 is unknown. Should we assume they reflect the rest of the country or that they reflect the rest of Mueller's team?
8:59 am

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9:08 am

It's fun watching America implode. Well, maybe a bit sad,too.
9:09 am

Of course, drwho, if you didn't have politically appointed mayors and judges, you might actually have a more free thinking independent civil service including law enforcement.
9:11 am

You're right ap, it is sad for the American people. The Handmaids Tale won't be far away now.
9:39 am

9:40 am

Nobody in his right mind would have donated to Trump - so that's a good sign.

What you dont see is that the world is alot bigger than the US and that we are not stupid either. The Dutch have a certain opinion about Trump and his comrads, and that opinion is not pretty.

So then we get a new ambassador who lied about the Netherlands; confronted with that he lied about that lie. When the journalist said it was on tape he lied that he lied about his lie.

So of course we see the US as a country gone crazy.
9:43 am

PS see\ns/wp/2017/12/22/trumps-ambassador-to-the-neth\nerlands-just-got-caught-lying-about-the-dutch\n/?utm_term=.2b5e72e2521e
10:31 am

11:35 am

If you so need to react to the backwardness of dr. whatever, or if dr. whatsit must share his faux pearls, there are plenty of sordid chatrooms in which to do that. It deeply pains me to come here and see the same idiotic points rehashed ad nauseum. I want to solve the little puzzle in peace. This used to be a tiny oasis from the horrific, hateful politics of the day. Please hold forth, I humbly ask, elsewhere.
11:53 am

I am reminded of the old joke. A guy kills his parents. Upon sentencing he asks the judge for leniency since he is an orphan. Or the guy who is the defendant in a fraud case who says he can't get a fair trial because the judge is of Mexican descent after the defendant bad mouthed Mexicans. Sorry mab but I will be scaling back my posts.
12:15 pm

Pretty easy. 12.
4:13 pm

mab, I hear you. Gets tiresome. On the other hand, I very much like to hear point made by Mr Ooijer & others from countries other than English speaking ones - helenkeller from Babble
5:50 pm

Being a relative newbie here, I was reluctant to state how inappropriate I felt it was to subject fellow Iron Sukodu lovers to political harangues in the Iron Sudoku chat area. I would like to politely request that this chat area be utilized for Iron Sudoku related commentary and that political opinions be expounded in forums dedicated to politics. I, like mab, also want to solve the Iron Sudoku puzzles in peace, without being lectured to or watching obviously clever folks berate and insult each other.
11:09 pm

Judy, nah, I disagree. This has always been an open forum, just like Babble. Before this political talk of ONLY this year, it was a very quiet chat room. On Babble, they talk about all kinds of stuff I don't want to hear - personal ills, major mishaps, bad personal misfortune, but there, they pretty much keep politics and religion to a minimum by silent agreement. There are way more people on Babble, so the chat can run really fast, it never does one here. When I first joined Babble, I was quite the chatter. No longer, and I find it very easy to turn a blind eye to the writing on the right. Please do not feel lectured to, they are merely having a healthy, albeit, heated debate - none of it is directed at you & none of it is personal. I hope you can deal with this & continue to have a good time doing the puzzles. <3