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Difficulty: Easy Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, March 7, 2018

12:29 am

1:05 am

Is the main reason for the AR-15's popularity the tingle the shooter gets in their belly from firing off a clip load of bullets while fantasizing they are holding off the U.S. military from taking away their 2nd amendment rights?
2:28 am

2:52 am

5:07 am

"..clip load of bullets..." that is the single most idiotic thing I have read here yet. Also, most of the people "fantasizing they are holding off the U.S. military" are not the pro 2A people you envision but your ilk with their safety pins, safe spaces and gun free zones. Please keep posting here Tuco, you provide us fodder to get through the day with a smile :)
5:13 am

6:07 am

Glad I could help kaos!
6:34 am

Done a little slower than usual
8:51 am

8:53 am

Phil, for someone who claims to have 30 years experience shooting guns, Scott Pappalardo was extremely ignorant of how his AR-15 works and the laws governing its use -- which makes me doubt his sincerity. Either he is not a shooter with 30 years experience and he just bought that gun to make a video, or he was yanking your chain. If he was serious about making it inoperable, he would have cut the receiver in half.
9:08 am

9:35 am

Tuco, if you're all hot to fire of a clip load of bullets, buy yourself an M1 Garand. That's the battle rifle used by our troops in WWII and Korea. The good news is that the CMP has a load of them from Korea and the Philippines which Obama wouldn't allow to be repatriated. It's a great gun and when the clip is empty you get that satisfying little ping as the clip is ejected.
10:15 am

Bottom line on the Papplardo video, his gun could be repaired for less than $100 and no instant background check is required to purchase any of the replacement parts. In fact the gun could be fired as is, but you would have to load the rounds into the chamber one at a time by hand and accuracy would be really poor.
12:47 pm

Is it me, or shouldn't an 'easy' be more of a clickfest?
1:03 pm

hmmmm, pretty sure it wasn't me, on the other hand, I'm gonna take a nap now.
3:04 pm

Not a clickfest at all, Helekeller.
7:19 pm

DING. Should have been called Medium. 20.
7:54 pm

Okay drwho so Mr Papplardo is a fraud. Do you feel the same way about the Parkland Kids?
9:08 pm

The Parkland Kids are victims, of a deranged classmate and of a bunch of gun grabbing zealots using them as pawns in their gun grabbing game.
9:10 pm

So Tuco, is Kyle Kashuv a fraud?
9:18 pm

But really Tuco, why do you think high school students should be consulted on how to prevent gun violence?

Does surviving a train wreck make you and expert on how the railroad should be run?