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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, March 25, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, March 25, 2018

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12:13 am

Done. ng, ng.
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5:11 am

Along the lines of what @TallMike said about previous day chat logs, note that if I simply change the puzzle number in the URL, that specific puzzle will open automatically and I do not have the option to see that day's chat log (I see the CURRENT chat log). Only if I access a specific puzzle via the Archives link will I be able to view that day's chat log and then only prior to clicking the "Play This Puzzle" link. Once I click "Play This Puzzle", the chat log I see will be the CURRENT chat log. That is slightly different from what @TallMike said he sees when entering the puzzle number in the URL. Personally I would have preferred that the chat log associated with each day's puzzle would be the one automatically shown (instead of the current chat log) because they are fun to read, but I found that accessing previous puzzles via the archive link to be extremely time consuming, and most times not worth the effort just to be able to read the archived chat for that day.
5:45 am

8:17 am

Judy, I have your identical experience with chat logs - and because I'm pretty current, don't need to go through the process you favor of changing the url number. In my experience, if the archived puzzle is "live", the only chat log one sees is the "live" chat log. When you think about that, it makes sense. Adding to an old chat log would not be useful.
8:26 am

caught back up
8:27 am

Amazing march in Washington. I think I have more faith in the youth of America than the current generation of politicians.
8:28 am

And Trump thought it best to go play golf!
8:57 am

JudyHall, we are seeing the same screens in the archives, just describing our experience differently.

You are correct that, if you have just played a puzzle in the archives and then change the puzzle number in the URL, you will go directly to the live screen for the newly selected puzzle. By "live" screen I mean the screen you use to actually solve the puzzle, in contrast to what I will call the "introductory" screen which invites you to click on a "Play This Puzzle" link. The introductory screen for an archived puzzle displays the archived chat log for the day of the puzzle, while the live screen for the same puzzle displays today's current live chat log.
8:57 am

If you want to read archived chat logs, you can easily switch from an archived puzzle's live screen to its introductory screen by modifying the URL as follows: becomes
Save your work first, of course.

And if you want to explore the thread of a discussion which spans several days, for example the thread I started at 6:04pm on puzzle day 3296, you can move directly to the next day's archived chat log by adding 1 to the puzzle number in the archived puzzle's introductory screen: becomes
8:58 am

Diane, I agree that adding to an archived chat log would not be useful. However, it might sometimes be interesting to read it. Nice to have the option.
9:03 am

I found reading some of the very old chats ( e.g. circa years 1through 5) very helpful, particularly Dr. Who's ratings, and soothing as most give one a sense of camaraderie and, yes, fun!
9:56 am

12:16 pm

12:51 pm

Thanks for the tip, @TallMike, for using /archives/# and not just /# in the URL to access previous chat logs! I'm always interested in reading positive posts and would enjoy it if the sense of camaraderie that once existed in the group could return full force. Snide remarks, nasty political comments, and opinions on the controversial issues of the day are definitely not as soothing as the posts described by @111Eggs in the early years.
4:55 pm

Done. Nice and quick.