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Difficulty: Easy Monday, June 4, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Monday, June 4, 2018

12:06 am

grrrr wrong again
12:24 am

Done very easy
1:13 am

Yesterdays was indeed a b…..d puzzle
1:13 am

1:19 am

1:24 am

Could someone clarify the rules for officers or anyone carrying a firearm in the US - Am I wrong in thinking you have to be sober - 0.0 BAC to be carrying? And what type of firearm do they carry, obviously can't be a clock, cos it has 3 forms of safety and cannot go off if dropped, only if you pull the trigger - number one firearm safety rule - keep finger off trigger unless target identified and you intend to fire. Surely he has to be facing charges.
1:27 am

Glock, not clock!
2:48 am

3:05 am

Phil, let's keep things sudoku-related please.
3:28 am

@TMH why?
3:32 am

4:27 am

Judy Hall was kind enough to set up a private chat for Sudoku players who want to have non-Sudoku discussions. I'm sure she'd be happy to share the url again.
5:23 am

5:28 am

Interesting that Glocks come with 3 safety features. Does anyone know if they come in different sizes, like small medium large? I'd like to get one for my grandson.
6:27 am

Don't plan to get one from the US, angieplumptit. Canadians are now a security threat to us.
7:31 am

Here is the Facebook Discussion Page for our group: Iron Sudoku Community
8:53 am

kind of ugly for an easy, I've had easier Mediums
9:37 am

@MrOoijer lots of heads being buried in the sand over here. That is why some people don't want non-sudoku related chat here. I applaud Judy for setting up a FB page but unfortunately Judy is not Dr.God and until Dr. God posts that this chat is only for IronSudoku topics only, no one should try to silence anyone else.
9:48 am

The old adage about never speaking of Religion or Politics in polite company is how you keep the rabble in line and divided.
10:09 am

Trailer Park Boys is the best thing to come out of the Great White North since the Mackenzie Bros. :-)
11:22 am

The Iron Sudoku Community chat page (for chat not necessarily associated with Sudoku) is located at but I think you have to be on Facebook to access it.
11:35 am

and I will be happy to debate on the community chat page. I do indeed have VERY STRONG opinions on many controversial topics, but they are opinions that I don't think all the Iron Sudoku players should be subjected to, especially when some folks have specifically asked that we keep the game chat posts limited to Sudoku related topics. Personally, tuco, I do not believe in censorship or trying to silence people; I do believe that there are MORE APPROPRIATE FORUMS where non-Sudoku related discussion might take place, but that is only my opinion.
11:39 am

Yes - Angie. Glocks have different frame and slide sizes and different calibers.
11:40 am

Phil - as far as your question about who can carry what weapon when and where - the answer varies widely state to state and sometimes city to city.
1:08 pm

I'm with tuco & Mr.Oo on this. Sudoku related chat: ding, done, easy peasy, tough one, blah, blah, blah. Really how much else is there? Not much. So, I find it interesting when people, especially from all over the world, trade info, opinions. Everyone keeps it civil here, so what's the big deal? Who cares? Don't like it, don't read it. No on
1:09 pm

e's 'subjecting' anyone to anything. The chat is able to be turned off.
4:02 pm

Finally managed to finish Sunday, June 3, 2018 expert puzzle. Did not class that one as an expert I classed it as arduous.
4:07 pm

Well done zooz, that was a real stinker!
7:29 pm