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Difficulty: Easy Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, July 3, 2018

12:19 am

Done, no green.
12:43 am

Nice easy puzzle
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3:52 am

caught up
4:38 am

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9:31 am

Just finished yesterday's medium. I think I know why mediums are so tough. There is an easy technique that can be far from easy at times. Its where you are searching for a cell in which all the numbers can be eliminated but one (you look for which numbers are already supplied in the row, column and 3x3 block that your cell is in). Then there is the medium technique in which a particular digit may only be placed in 2 or 3 cells in a row, column or block. If you discover that the digit 3 may only appear in the top 2 cells of the rightmost column, then you may also eliminate 3 from the remaining empty cells in the top-right block. Now sometimes you have to combine the medium technique and the 'easy' technique. That is when things get hard.
9:44 am

Tuco, I share your concern over deficit spending. However, I don't think you are taking into account the full picture. It's not the tax cuts which are to blame, it's the spending. Trump, like Reagan talks about limiting the size of government and reducing spending. However, Trump like Reagan is not succeeding in reducing the size of government. Reagan only succeeded in slowing the growth temporarily. Trump still has 7 years left to make his mark and then we can judge how well or poorly he did. It may seem that cutting taxes is the wrong thing to do to balance the budget but at the current levels of taxation we have a lot of room to cut because high taxes actually impede economic growth. As Milton Friedman used to say, if you cut taxes and government revenue goes up, you didn't cut enough. We haven't reached the point of diminishing returns yet.
10:05 am

Mr. O - re. disbelief in science. The problem with the Nazi's was not a disbelief in science, but the use of bogus science to justify their racial theories regarding the Jews.
10:40 am

HK - I share your concerns about Trump's moral fiber, but I don't see any evidence of him trying to become a dictator. From my perspective the last President did far more damage to this country than Trump is doing. But he has 7 more years to prove me wrong.
10:42 am

If Bill Clinton taught us anything, moral fiber is not a job requirement for President.
1:00 pm

EZPZ, 10.
1:28 pm

@dr who my remark about dosbelief in science is almost gone below the horizon of this chat, and, if I remember correctly, I aslo asked to explain yourself about a certain matter - that remark has sunk below the wusrface and can aonly be found if you go to the archive. Maybe your tactic is to disappear until such remarks are gone, but then your silence is only proof that you do not have an answer.

About disbelief in science by the Nazis (and others) I thought I has written some more but it appears I have erased that. In the Sovjet Union pseudo science was embraced _because_ the (main stream) scientist were seen as enimies of the regime.

The racial pseudo science originated in the UK and had a large following in the US. The Nazi's did not invent it, but embraced it . But it was one facet of their rejection of Jewish Science and their embracement of the pseudoscience called Deutsche Physik - see further
1:29 pm

sorry about all the typos, my eyesight is relly bad today
2:07 pm

MrOoijer, I very much enjoyed looking at your website (link provided in your profile).
2:20 pm

Finished archive puzzles for 2010; now have only the puzzles for 2009 and 8 months of 2008 left to complete to be "up to date". Progressing slowly but surely.
5:07 pm