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Difficulty: Easy Monday, August 6, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Monday, August 6, 2018

12:10 am

Done, no green.
12:38 am

easy easy
12:53 am

4:44 am

North Korea is still making bombs. The Russians are still targeting our cyber and physical infrastructure. The EPA is gutting clean air and water regs. The Justice Dept is creating a "religious freedom" task force. The prez is is attacking the first amendment calling the press the enemy of the people. Oh what a wonderful world.
4:49 am

Gman Glad to see you gave babble a try. It can be tough at times but on the whole it is not too bad. Hope you will give it another go! Must admit to being a bit of a babble addict myself :-)
4:52 am

Helen Keller, thanks for letting us all know who can offer a comment here on the Chong, and how they have to do it to pass muster in your eyes....
4:54 am

5:19 am

8:45 am

Judy Hall...way to are soaring to the top quickly. Congrats!!!
9:01 am

thanks, Judy. I actually finished the archived puzzles, but for some reason am not being credited the "missing" points. Sent an email to Dr. God, so we shall see what happens.
9:09 am

Congrats JudyHall!!!
9:12 am

Thanks, 111Eggs ! I worked very hard yesterday to finish, so I am very happy to have just received a reply from Dr. God to my email, and Jamie says the ranking will be fixed after tonight's update.
10:19 am

That's wonderful to know JudyHall...Take care.
10:32 am

Ellenz, it's very interesting that a minimum income is being discussed. I was listening to a Dutch author of a theory that this isn't in fact new and both republican and democrats have thought of it before. In fact it was trialled and proved successful. The only problem was a new government came in and shelved it before any results were analysed. Now some 20 years later and the results were dug out of archives and analysed and guess what, it actually worked.
10:34 am

The theory goes something like this - give everyone a minimum amount to live off that is sufficient to remove them from poverty. No strings attached. It actually did remove them from poverty. Also the community found that not surprisingly health costs came down significantly, as did mental illness, unemployment, job satisfaction etc.
10:36 am

In fact it paid for itself! So just giving cash to everyone who falls below the poverty income as a top up, is very beneficial. It's not that surprising really if you think about it. And people actually want to work and look after their kids and help with their education - another positive outcome with brighter children.
10:38 am

So, if we stopped the silly party political rubbish and looked at results, or if you prefer to say it started with the republicans (actually it started in Canada I believe), then everyone's a winner.
10:41 am

And I don't disagree that Trump has the willingness to talk to those who disagree with him, including North Korea and Russia. Trouble is he is another bully as they are and the world would be a lot better off if the bullies weren't in power. I also have problems with the lies he tells and whilst there is a lot of very poor fake news about, great journalists are not putting out fake news and he is attempting to lump everyone together so he doesn't face criticism. Which he seems to take very badly.
10:54 am

11:00 am

1:31 pm

1:32 pm

nutty - lovely to see you in here!
1:59 pm

Had a unique rectangle, for which I'll give it a 16.
2:10 pm

For everyone who thinks solar power is not the way to go. I have 28 panels on my roof that I lease for $59 a month. No money up front. The leasing company took care of everything. Permitting contacting utility etc.. I was able to write of the cost of the lease against my state taxes over 3 years. This year has been especially warm and sunny. My bill from the utility (NYSEG) has been $48 dollars the last 2 months. Add on the lease payment and we are around $110 for air-conditioning running almost non-stop. We now have a 1300+ kWH surplus which keeps growing every day the sun shines and my gas furnace stays off. I love it.
2:11 pm

Oh, before the panels a month like July would have brought in a NYSEG bill of around $300+
3:01 pm

So I assume that the solar company is a non-profit? And that any and all retained earnings are distributed back to customers or given to charity. I also assume the the CEO works only for expenses because we know given your previous posts that Tuco would not support any evil capitalistic company even if he benefited from it.
3:52 pm

gman, if you are really interested in Babble, I would highly recommend the use of "Lickety's Babble Clues" (link below the grid under "Friends of Babble") to help keep you sane as you look for words. Lickety provides a list of hints for all the words that can be found in alphabetical order; it provides the first two letters,the # of letters in the word, and point value of the word. Experts don't need these clues, but newbies (like myself) couldn't finish a grid without them.
4:53 pm

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.D ஜ۩۞۩ஜ