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Difficulty: Medium Friday, July 19, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Friday, July 19, 2019

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done now
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Well KnightTime, I know Adam Goodes is one of the greatest to ever play AFL, 2 Btownlow medals (best in the whole league in a year) over 374 games, a true legend of the fame. He was even named Australian of the Year and rightly so. I urge everyone to watch this documentary - The Final Quarter. Australians, white Australians are ready in my opinion to have that important, confronting conversation about racism and how it still exists in Australia. We also have an opportunity to listen to Indigenous and Torres Straight voices and actually start to hear and understand what they have to say. Unfortunately we still have a powerful far right section of the media, almost exclusively Murdoch Press, that thrive and stir up racism, telling lies repeatedly and calling iy fake news when they are called out - sound familiar? We had the guts to effect change with guns, now it's time to call out and put a stop to racism.
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Phil - then why compare him to Colin Kapaernick? Goodes sounds nothing like him athletically or in accomplishment. Kapaernik was an average QB at best and went to the SuperBowl one time and lost. His career imploded after that.
11:03 am

helenkeller your mother was a hero. It is history like you describe that reinforces my belief in our second amendment. The state I live in gives the right to conceal carry and many people do carry. I am very comfortable knowing that at any time I can defend one of my fellow citizens as well as they can defend me. Crime is almost non-existent. But furthermore, if a country would ever want to invade America, we have the ability to be armed and defend ourselves. Almost everybody just wants to live in peace.
12:02 pm

Denise - Thank you for your kind words. I agree with most all you say. Except for the 'fire power' argument - it's evolved a great deal since WWII. In my opinion, one the the very worst things in history was for the US to drop nukes on Japan. Very bad precedent. Also, if someone wanted to invade someone else, believe me, they would have scoped out your arsenal & then come at you will overwhelming fire power. You would also have to make sure they could not cut off your water supply - because that's the first thing that will make you surrender.
12:09 pm

HK - The story of your mother and father are tragic and inspiring. I owe you an apology for a comment I made several months back. I was and am wrong about TG-PTSD. During the intervening time I have read about this and now understand its generational effects. Your ability to survive and thrive is admirable.
12:10 pm

Stewart - I am working on that myself, right now. Constantly kicking myself for not asking better questions when they were alive. I was relatively young when they died, going to grad school, so other things on my mind. I also, naively thought that they had told me so much, what more can there be? Youth is wasted on the young. I was 28, they died less than 6 months apart. Currently, I'm waiting on records from the British MOD, as well as some document that ended up under US control - no idea why even. It's very difficult for me personally to spend any great length writing about these things, must wait for the tears to pass, and them I'm depleted. Bits and spurts.
12:16 pm

Thank you so much KT. You're a stand up guy indeed. Yes, I vaguely remember you giving me some grief, but I easily tune all that out, because now that I have the framework, I know exactly what & why certain things happen in my life, why I tend to over-react. So many things . . . that's what therapy is for. I want to especially thank you for your last statement, because, as I tell my therapist, there is a large part of me which is always saying "I got this handled." And that's not really true, but it was a survival skill. It is rare that anyone sees to the next level and can relate their personal feelings. Your words made my day, thank you for your thoughtfulness!
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Pretty easy. Not sure I even noticed the Medium trick. 16.
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