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Difficulty: Easy Monday, April 20, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Monday, April 20, 2020

12:10 am

Done. Easy easy.
1:46 am

Ik, i would urge you to check out the John Hopkins University of Medicine site for up to date info, but you might want to check out the Australian Government website and in particular the theoretical modelling that was done based on overseas data. This is being ferried now for our own use based on our own circumstances. What it clearly demonstrates is the difference in doing nothing to various stages of taking action. The problem is covid19 is far more infectious than the flu so the rate of spread is far worse by several multiples as is the death rate. As you have seen, even in health systems like Italy which is probably better resourced than the US and Australia, they have been overwhelmed. Swedes who are very sensible people and when asked, not mandated, to keep their distance, don't go on holiday, work from home etc, have done so, yet they have 2.5 x the infection rate of Australia with half the population, and 1500 deaths compared to our 70. One of the main reasons seems to be our extensive testing to actually pick up far more of those infected. This will be critical in coming months as we start to ease restrictions. I have to say, in the US you most likely are a long way off that point and to loosen up too early will likely see more New York style outbreaks. For the sake of those health workers putting their lives on the line to save others, I urge you all to be patient and follow the medical experts advice.
5:49 am
Grandma Barb

Phil, very well said. I, for one, am hunkering down for the long haul. The benefit of being a retiree. Thanks.
6:03 am

In addition to the Johns Hopkins site, I monitor\nuntries, as it provides per-capita information. It shows how abysmal the US has been in testing.
8:20 am

Maybe @Ik remembers that I recommended the Johns Hopkins brief course om Corsera a couple of weeks ago? Learn from the experts, not from biased pundits.
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12:16 pm

what happens if I am tested today, then a week from now,
I get the virus but have mild symptoms?
12:19 pm

While testing is important, as Dr Fauci has pointed out, it is
not the total solution.
12:27 pm

as has been requested numerous times to no avail
Please use tinyurls so that the chog does not
become abysmal.
1:40 pm

Lack of testing is a huge problem. I reside in NJ, here are our stats:
The 45% positive for covid 19 is misleading because unless you are running a fever AND have a dry cough you are not tested. What is not misleading is that there are, as of 13:00 (1 pm) today, 4,377 dead in my small state. That's a lot dead in a short period of time. In 2017 NJ saw 1,337 die from the flu, 2016 saw 1,208, 2015 saw 1,402, and 2014 saw 1,234. These figures are from the CDC. So far this novel coronavirus has killed more than three times the average flu victims, and the numbers are continuing to climb.

NJ being host to one of the NY area international flight hubs means that it is infecting here sooner than most of the country. We don't know what the final numbers will be here or in any other state or country. We do know that the US is woefully behind in testing and that areas like NJ are being hit hard, much harder than the flu.

Please note that this is not political from me. There were certainly some mistakes made by prior administrations and more being made by the current administration, my point is that we are not adequately addressing a disease that is correctly referred to as a pandemic. And too many of my neighbors are dying.
2:14 pm

penguin, agreed - testing is an important component
of an overall comprehensive plan.
2:20 pm

Here in AZ we are seeing very low numbers.
however, there is virtually no testing. Most of the
cases are in the greater Phoenix area.
2:22 pm

Here is what Cuomo is saying about testing
4:39 pm

Easy enough, although I was stuck for a while. 14.