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Difficulty: Medium Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, November 10, 2020

12:21 am

Done fairly easy
1:40 am

Protein exists in the plant world, KT, but you're right, it's not in great abundance, and yet many of the larger more powerful animals are pure fruitarians/vegetarians - the great apes, elephants, ranging herds and bovines, but they have multiple stomachs. I question the necessity of a high protein diet. I do include on average a dozen whole eggs, hard boiled or soft boiled, per week on my shopping list but have gone without too. Legumes, nuts, apples, bananas, berries, apricots, broccoli & cauliflower... I don't really think about it a lot. I make my own distilled water for drinking and cooking - I consume around 10 gallons a week. If you're thinking of making your own distilled water, avoid those small countertop distillers. Most use thermal cutouts as on/off switches, a no-no, and their heating elements will cascade out of control upon failure and burn up, and they are not repairable. The elements are encased in a cement-like substance. They pretty much are guaranteed to fail in months. I use a 5 gal stove top stainless steel distiller and keep three full 5 gal water bottles on hand on a rack in a closet for temp emergency situations. Distillers can also be used to make craft beers, brandy and fine wines so they have other uses. I don't deprive myself of the simple guilty pleasures (like hot chocolate) and have been known to cheat on holidays and special occasions like the dog's birthday (which we all know comes around seven times a year). I also buy a quart of yogurt a week and cream for coffee. I did say I exclude dairy, however the brain's neuronal network is 85% hard wired with glial cells (calcium). We know we need it for bones too. I no longer drink milk. I have been known to sneak a three meat pizza or two in, too Phil.
2:51 am
Grandma Barb

Note to TallMike at 11:45 AM: Thanks for the laugh. I continued for quite a while.
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Protein in seeds (grains, nuts, beans) is pretty high, but seldom complete -- you need a good mix, e.g. beans and corn. Quinoa is more complete than others. I'm certain over time we'll be eating less meat, but for special occasions, those smoked ribs, that braised brisket, that roast turkey (heck, smoke all three), plant-based foods can't approximate the textures and experiences of real meat.
Multiple stomachs isn't necessarily the key: Go look at Australopithecus (famous example: Lucy): Big stomach, because plant life needed room to ferment. From that, they're pretty sure Australopithecus didn't have fire (cooked plants yield more nutrition, don't need to be fermented internally).
1:17 pm

Fun Medium ... fairly easy :)
1:24 pm

chicken, angie
3:11 pm

Nice conversations now. Time to start reading again.

On a whole plant diet there is plenty of available protein. No need to force rice and beans into the same dish, that is one of a number of myths about problems with eating just plants. The only nutrition you can't get from plants are Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, and Vitamin B-12.

Really, search for "complete protein myth" to find a lot of articles. I like\ncombining-myth/ because it cites the research studies.

I'm just eight years into a whole plant diet with very little processed food, no added salt, and no added sugars. Healthier than I've been in decades (I'm in my low 60s).
3:19 pm

If I don't eat some sort of protein in the evening I am ravenous the next day and eat whatever is within reach. Not a good alternative for me, Penguin.
3:30 pm

Lots of protein in plants. It's concentrated in some grains, in beans (which are quite filling), and in nuts. Even kale has 5 grams of protein per cup. No shortage of protein in my diet.
3:33 pm

I count beans as a protein but I can't eat them every night. I try to limit my nut intake to 1/4 cup almonds daily. That, with an apple is my typical lunch. Still don't think I could eliminate meat entirely but good ideas.
4:50 pm

Bugs, I'm not going to try to get you to eliminate meat from your diet. I was just trying to clear up some popular misinformation about nutrition.

My lunch is similar to yours. I usually eat walnuts, fruit (an apple, cherry tomatoes, and something like grapes or blueberries). I then eat a dried date for dessert. Yum!

If you wanted more pulses in your diet there are lots of options, including things like tofu and hummus. But, again, do what works for you.
5:54 pm

Remembrance Day, Lest We Forget. Our gratitude to those who serve.
6:41 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. But I got stuck for a while. 16.
9:04 pm

finally took 4 guesses, tired.
9:26 pm

got it with x-wings