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Difficulty: Medium Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, May 3, 2022

1:37 am

Fun Medium ... fairly easy :
4:13 am

interesting theories, but I like share as h in or our has so many other effects with s, t and c. Maybe is just that I grew up with English as my first language. I have to now put up with American versions of words such as color instead of colour.
4:14 am

And we have to thank a Welshman for inventing it.
4:15 am

Along with the longest place name in the world, and the most unpronounceable unless youre Welsh.
5:11 am

Done. agree with K M
6:51 am

Have enjoyed reading everyones thoughts on initial words to try in Wordle. I was especially intrigued by MrOoijers commentary on hacking the NYT script. And I wish apostrophes, parentheses, and punctuation marks in addition to a period and a comma were allowed in chat. Chuckle.
10:34 am

good medium
10:36 am

Is there a fix for checkpoints not restoring correctly if you close the page
1:30 pm

No, there is no fix for greens and reds disappearing from checkpoints. That feature used to work fine but stopped working quite a while ago, along with most of the punctuation marks in the chat. When things went wrong we used to ask Dr God to fix them but I dont recall anyone requesting a fix this time. Instead we seem to have learned to live with it.
4:07 pm

If your strategy is to minimize the number of possible solutions, SLATE is considerable better than CRANE. SHARE is also a lot better. But the best is the obscure ALOES. In todays puzzle I tried ALOES and then PRICK and was left with only four exits. It is easy to solve this in four if you choose the right test word as the third guess. By the way - tomorrows puzzles solution is another popular start word that has not yet been mentioned in this chat..
5:34 pm

Not bad, but I needed a nap. 16.